Yusuf Misdaq’s new film, “Ocean of Safety” is being released this Winter.

It is an experimental art project 4 years in the making and is available to view by invitation only
with private screenings planned across planet Earth for the next six months
For media inquiries, please contact this website using the form

.Be Safe.

‘Ocean of Safety’ is an experimental art-film by British/Afghan multimedia artist Yusuf ‘Yoshi’ Misdaq. Utilizing and ‘re-mixing’ over 200 films and TV shows from England and America, the film is a philosophical, uplifting and offbeat mosaic that examines approaches to living and dying, largely informed by Sufi teachings. Featuring the music of Prince, Michael Jackson, Queen and Shabazz Palaces, ‘Ocean of Safety’ took 4 years to create, and is Yusuf Misdaq’s second film. It is being screened by invitation only in an exclusively offline, community-oriented, (money-)free approach that combines Yusuf’s backgrounds in performance, video / installation art and documentary film.