“People! Put on your magical dresses!

Let your eyes go crossed and true

Arabian sheep are sleeping

And one of them is dreaming of you

You’ve had a hard time, yes I know this

You thought that nobody cared or knew

Life’s made of a mysterious substance

It likes to let you bleed in silence…

In biology, blood is not bad

And when you see it, it should make you feel glad

See how it spreads?

That’s how you’re gonna spread your things

Be they wings, thoughts, or beautiful feelings

Seedlings scutter about the earth

Your true love is waiting to give birth

Your future home turf is waiting for you

(with a smile upon it’s head)

It just know that you’re gonna make enough dough

Be happy! Be happy!

Be happy with the things you got, my people!

Be happy that you got eyes to see!

And if a blind person is listening to this,

be happy that you got ears to hear.. “



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