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I’m available as an artist, art-educator and as a fellow human to engage with. Please feel free to get in touch. I will not leave you hanging without a response, although it may take me a week or so longer if I am traveling.
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Art Educator Testimonials

“Yusuf offers dynamic and inspiring workshops, using his own writing process to trigger and motivate creativity in others. His work with students at the University of Brighton received excellent feedback.” – Jess MoriartySenior Lecturer, Brighton University (UK)

“Yusuf is an exceptional leader and a caring and charismatic teacher… He inspires deep thought and nurtures the individual’s creativity and voice. The writing I prepared during the course he taught was eclectic and allowed me to experiment with various styles of writing, which in turn allowed me to access thoughts and imaginative ideas that I had previously not been able to tap. I highly recommend him. His talent for teaching creative writing keeps giving and his deftness and openness as an instructor led me to develop an approach rather than just skills or technique.” – Mouna ManaNational Foreign Language CenterUniversity of Maryland

“An exceptional Artist in many disciplines, Yusuf’s warm personality enables him to connect to people thus discovering engaging stories that he captures in unconventional ways. He is a committed and hard working person [with] patience and exceptional talents. He meets challenging situations with a smile and executes any production he is in charge of with a level of professionalism that is difficult to find. Also an excellent facilitator who transfers his in depth knowledge of writing and cinema literacy in an unconventional, engaging and humorous way. His facilitation is informed by his multi disciplinary art background which contextualizes his seminars in the fields of documentary film, music and contemporary writing.” – Nike Hatzidimou, Documentary Film Maker & Art Educator