We get so attracted to the things that are so shiny, we forget ///

We get so distracted from the roots of grimy truth (it’s about happiness) ///

I want you to feel free and to be me and to be you in Paradise ///

I want you to not want to be me and not want to feel jealous myself, for health ///

It’s so good to be sun-shining, lying in the sun shine with no spots, on your face ///

It feels so good to know that you got all you need to go if you just stay ///

Nobody out there can give me anything I need more than You ///

But they still deceive me and I know it will relieve me when I’m back to You ///

You are the allower make my pen move and my fingers write Your grooves ///

Cosmic is the kindness of your Highness Majesterial Protection ///

I know that if I stop talking now I can just go inside Your Love ///

I don’t need nobodies heartbeat more than I need that Open Channel ///

I don’t need no shiny objects more than I survive on that cool water You put inside me ///

I can keep on swimming in my mind into the Ocean of Your Consciousness ///

The strokes I take are discipline and Holy Law is needed as I steer ///

But Love is what I need to keep me pushing through the waves and coming near ///

Here ///


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