Music video for the final track of the Yoshi LP, “Maghreb, Isha & Space” (2010, Nefisa UK).

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Music videos for kids

This video was made with love. It is, like all of Misdaq’s art and music, for the children. Music videos for kids are important, as children are the future, but we too, are children, and we too, all have important grounding elements that must be shined and refined in order for us to take part in the beautification of our world. In order for us to do this, we must know that love is the only hope, love the only adventure; it is the only song worth singing. Yusuf Misdaq is your brother, and he is saying this, “Prove yourself worthy of being alive. Change yourself, make your heart shine brighter, be the best you, leave your sadness, and forgive everything that hurts you. Focus on your own improvement.”

This music video was shot in an undisclosed location whose existence cannot be independently verified.
It was directed, conceived and edited by a free man.

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