“A way inside.” – Most people look outside to what is around them to find fulfillment. I too do this, but often I look for that something to be a way back into myself. This is because unlike having a good meaningful career, beautiful fashionable clothes, many art objects, smart and loving friends and family, (all of which I am thankfully blessed with), I am most well when I become in touch with how I feel. In touch from the inside with what I am going through in a particular moment. In other words connected to my being, or the state of my being. Yusef Misdaq’s poetry book, “Into Solidity” is now among the exceptional treasures currently in my collection, enabling me to further appreciate a deeper art. The art of tapping into my internal world where all that I need and desire already exist with so much more room for acceptance, growth and wisdom. This writer is the kind of artist that generations will go on reading…

Leeza Ahmady, Independent Curator, Director of Asia Contemporary Art Week, NYC (ACAW)

The second book of poems by the Afghan author and artist Yusuf ‘Yoshi’ Misdaq, featuring a foreword from prominent Rumi translator Raficq Abdulla, MBE. Filled with simple profound metaphor poems, and some astounding (and shocking) prose pieces, ‘Into Solidity’ deals with, “an icy estrangement and detachment from this world, leading to the dissolution of the morale- and its subsequent attempts at reformation,” and is described right at the outset as being suitable for those considering suicide. True to its promise, it is heavy-going at times, however the emotional journey of vivid and rhythmic movements eventually unfolds towards a light, resulting in a deep-rooted optimism in existence which is both inspiring and spiritual.

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